Challenge Precepts of Retail

Grand Pier is designed as a retail space that creates, inspires and captures moments like the monuments of history that surround us while celebrating and spreading the achievements of local artisans – in art and food, providing them a culinary canvas to express themselves and enthuse our visitors with different layers of creativity.

Exuding old-world charm and an inspired mixology of sophisticated venues, Grand Pier is conceived with the purpose of colouring outside the lines of what retail is perceived today – a cookie-cutter and template experience that struggles to connect on an emotional level causing moments to become fleeting, etched only on a digital device that never truly stir our memories.

We want our visitors to stow away thoughts of labels and brands for a little while as they delight their senses with the timeless flavours on offer at any of our 25 stores, sharing that moment with those who matter; and immerse themselves in the meticulously curated art works on display where maybe, just maybe in years down the line, they would say “Remember that time when we went to Grand Pier…” with a warm, comforting feeling in their chest.

F&B Retail Stores
Floors of F&B Retail and Art Space
Floor Boutique Hotel
Parking Lots
Rooftop for Events
Melaka River Cruise

As more chapters are added to Melaka’s journey through time, we recognise the significance of providing visitors a point where they can start or continue their own journey – retracing the pages of history and reawakening their appetites with the many flavours on offer. And a visit to Melaka is only complete when it is done via the Melaka River. Working with the state, Grand Pier houses a best-in-class, contemporary River Cruise terminal — that rivals any found globally — to support the 3,000-expected daily footfall from the service.

Melaka River Fire and Rescue

Malaysia’s Fire and Rescue Department has selected Grand Pier to the base of operations for the country’s first river search and rescue unit. Operating 24/7, this unit will be responsible for safeguarding the communities and businesses along the Melaka River. Together with Grand Pier, they will have outreach programmes that will educate the public on their mission, conduct emergency preparedness/response workshops and perform live rescue drills.